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AMSTERDAM - The Conscious Hotels

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"We are conscious about the choices we make. That is why there is sustainability in everything that we do, without compromising comfort. And our stylish hotels and restaurants each have their own unique style and story, which makes every visit a special experience. We do it differently by nature." - The Conscious Hotels


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Looking for the perfect city getaway? For over 10 years now, the Conscious Hotels Amsterdam have been pioneers in eco-friendly tourism. 

By coming modern designs with sustainability, they have created a style that they have coined "Eco-Sexy." From start to finish these eco hotels combine recycled furniture, water-saving showers as well as organic and locally sourced products throughout the entire hotel experience. Eco is their choice, while maintaining a high level of comfort and standard for their guests. 


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Transforming beautiful Amsterdam architecture into sustainable comfort, the Conscious Hotels offer passionate vegans and everyone else alike a chance to experience the essence of easy, sustainable travel without the worry of saving energy, separating waste or overthinking a menu. At Conscious, being sustainable is the easy choice. 

Together, their passion makes the employees of the Conscious Line a powerful and resourceful team determined to reach our common goal: "delivering the perfect sustainable guest journey."

Visit them here!

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